8. You got engaged!

Here’s another look at the love of your life:


Jackson Languish


9. You’ve been inducted into the XC cult without even trying, and you’re managing your demanding new social life with ease.

You’ve been an icon and an idol for two sets of disciples at Cross Country and at Cedar Creek, and while you now have legions of people beseeching you for your time and attention, you still find a way to be the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Bruce Almighty




10. Most importantly of all, even throughout the transformations, turbulence and triumphs of this year, you’ve remained the best person I know.

You are honest, insightful, witty, wry, and astonishingly kind. I always thought that our personalities grew in tandem, that we developed traits to compensate for what the other lacked. I always thought that we were two halves of one whole, so I assumed that when we separated, we’d both feel like we were losing part of our minds. However, something wonderfully unexpected happened instead. You expanded to fill whatever void I might have left behind, transmogrifying into this sparkling, multifaceted gem of a girl whose friendship only gets more precious with age. I’m amazed that I get to live with someone who I admire and adore so dearly.

Parent Trap Hug